Thursday, June 15, 2006


She was a woman, a person like you and me. What made a difference is her awareness of God's love for her and His constant presence throughout the journey of her life: in the ups and the downs, in suffering and in joy, in times of darkness and of light, in her untiring search for direction and gradual discovery of the meaning and purpose of her life, in the failures and successes of her plans and apostolic projects, above all, in her deep faith and trust in God, nourished by prayer.

Magdalene made a difference because of her passion to seek for "God Alone", to "love the poor", to "serve with a generous heart", to "make Jesus known and loved" by all sorts of creative means. She was truly a Contemplative in Action.

As we share her story with others, let Magdalene also invite us to reflect on God's great love for us, and if we feel inspired, to share the story of God's great love for us.


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