Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Experience of Pain and Suffering of Magdalene

Magdalene had a strong contact with the suffering. When she was a baby she was not accepted because she was a girl. The parents wanted to have a boy. Her noble family was quite strict. At the beginning, Magdalene appeared to be extrovert and decisive type. When she was five (5) years old when her father died. At the age of seven (7), her mother left. According to the psychologist, these events touched deeply the life of a child. The child saw the death of a parent as to be abandoned by them. Thus, Magdalene started to be more introverted. The other problem was a family teacher, Ms. Capron, a person that was not so sincere but who kept the external appearance in a great esteem. At the beginning, Magdalene was appreciated, but later on persecuted by the instructress. This would contribute to create in the young Magdalene a lot of scruples. When she was fifteen (15), she got seriously ill. This for many was considered the real beginning of her vocation. She got the moral strength. Fr. Libera helped her to overcome her insecurities and to rebuild her personality.


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