Thursday, June 15, 2006

Magdalene of Canossa, Servant of the Poor and Foundress of the Canossians

Magdalene was born in Verona on MARCH 1, 1774.
On 1779 her father died, on 1782 she was abandoned by her mother.
On 1789 she got seriously ill.
Meanwhile in Paris, the French Revolution exploded.
On 1791-92 she had two short monastical experiences among the Theresian Sisters in Verona and the Carmelites in Conegliano Veneto.
On 1796, she was working with the Fraternity of the Hospital.
On 1797, she saw the Blessed Virgin Mary in a dream, revealing to her the three fields of work of charity (Education, Evangelization, and Assistance to the Sick).
She met Fr. Don Libera who would become her Spiritual Director until the year 1880.
On 1799, she jotted down her Foundation Plan: Plan B6 (The First Plan of the Institution).
On 1800, she became friend of Carolina Durini, a close friend that would last long.
On 1805, Magdalene had her first serious attempt of foundation.
On May 8, 1808, the real foundation happened in Verona.
From 1808-1812, Magdalene stayed in Verona, she would call this time a “retreat” because she lived in it a strong faith experience.
On the year 1811-1812, she had great mystical experiences.
On the year 1813-14, she wrote her memoir.
On 1815, she wrote the Rules of Venice, then the one of Verona, and finally the one of Milan.
On May 8, 1816, she had her Vow of Chastity in a private manner.
On July of the same year, she opened the house of Milan.
On 1819-20, she received the government approval and the canonical approval of three of the houses.
On 1820, she opened the house of Bergamo and she started to think concretely for the Sons of Charity.
On 1828, the opening of the House in Trento.
On December, she received the Canonical Approval of the Rules.
On May 23, 1831, finally, the foundation of the Sons of Charity.
On April 10, 1835, Magdalene died.
On December 7, 1941, Magdalene was proclaimed Blessed.
On October 2, 1988, a Saint.


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