Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Charity Situation of Verona

On this time, there was a strong mystical tendency and the inspiration towards charity was moved by the model of St. Francis of Sales. What Francis could not do in the practical way at his time, Vincent de Paul did with the plan for the Daughters of Charity. The Ignatian spirituality was alive with the Franciscan and the Passionist. Again, on this time, the seminaries were recognized and, in the school, they studied with eloquence. Preachers came out and Christ started to be seen as a Pastor.

The line of Magdalene was the one of charity. On this century, in Verona alone, there were about 20 new congregations approved by the Holy See. Ten of them in the first half of the century.

The Illuminism started the philanthropic movement. This challenged the Christian mentality to move and, as a consequence, there had been numerous charity institutions starting.


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