Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Vocational Choice of Magdalene

Her vocation started to develop at the age of fifteen. The call of God was express in giving totally herself through the happenings. Her first Spiritual Director was Fr. Stefano de la Concezione and then Fr. Gasparri who moved her towards the Carmelite experience. She was actually inclined to the contemplative. For them, the Carmelites was the vocation of Magdalene. She stayed ten months with the Theresians and three days with the Carmelites. However, she felt horror of the cloistered and she was force to leave.

In the house, she lived in the palace caring for her sick uncles and the acting mother to her sisters Eleonora and Rosa. The wife of the uncle was sickly, so she had to care also of the house. At this time, a new confessor entered her life – Fr. Don Luigi Libera. He helped her in her vocational growth. He suggested her not to take any decision and to stay at home for one year.

However, Don Libera guided Magdalene in her vocation journey. The good priest assisted the Marchioness to a progressive liberation from her multiple tensions. These tensions arose in the past, the problem in her vocation, from everyday trials and in some measure, from a situation contrary to her deep aspirations. Don Libera pointed out the means to lead the Marchioness to assimilate Christian spirituality until she made it her own according to the requirements of personal charism and of mission.

The ways that Don Libera proposed were the following:

1. Prayer of heart
It is a prayer of contemplation wherein the young lady was advised to allow herself to be open to new and brighter prospects. This is also a practical norm in disposing oneself to enter into a dialogue with God. This is also a way of turning our heart frequently to God.

2. Devotion to the Eucharist
It was not a costume to receive Holy Communion but Don Libera granted permission to Magdalene to receive it everyday. This is to strengthen the soul of the young lady to overcome some obstacles imposed by her uncle Jerome. Moreover, she was advice to visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. Don Libera said to her “continue to receive the Holy Communion frequently and stay at His feet and adore Him”.

3. Devotion to Mary
At the age of seven, Magdalene entrusted herself to the Our Lady of Sorrows. Don Libera strengthened this devotion by asking her to recite the Litany of the Our Lady and to recourse to Mary every now and then for her maternal solicitude. Magdalene was enrolled in the Association of the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

Don Libera continued to direct the young marchioness until he asked her have also spiritual direction to other priest named Msgr. Avogadro, who advised her to work independently of others.


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