Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Mystical Experience: Seeking Love in Christ Crucified

The face of the Father is disclosed in the Love of His Son Crucified. The Canossians, predestined to be conformed to His Son’s image, are transformed in that same image and become witnesses of an authentic love of God and neighbors.

The Five Mystical Experience of St. Magdalene of Canossa

First Mystical Experience: The Eucharistic Celebration

Magdalene at a very tender age felt the calling of God. While attending Mass, a reading from the Book of Tobit made an inner impulse in her. “When you are praying in tears and did not hesitate to leave your dinner in order to hide the dead in your house by day and bury them by night, I offered your prayer to the Lord.” (12:12-13) this reading gave her a clear idea of assisting the sick whom God never failed to put along her way throughout the period she stayed in her family.

Second Mystical Experience: Personal Prayer

The Psalm 51:14 called the Miserere Psalm; it is the prayer of David saying, “I will teach transgressors the way to you and sinners may return to you”. This Psalm encouraged her to teach Christian Doctrine to her fellowmen and women and thus she began to explain the Catechesis every Sunday to her maidservants especially those who could not attend Mass because of their work.

Third Mystical Experience: Missionary Impulse: Eucharistic Celebration

Almost every time she heard at Mass the Gospel according to Mark (16:15) which reads: “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Good News to all creation”, she was always deeply moved and filled with consolation. Although she did not cry easily, her eyes would fill with tears.

Fourth Mystical Experience: Eucharistic Celebration: Divine Glory (Psalm 62, Isaiah 7)

The same happened when she had attended Masses having the Divine Glory as theme and for which she had, since then, always a great attraction. The very mention of “Divine Glory” would suffice to touch her heart deeply. Especially during those years, she had such a strong desire to prevent sins that, besides spending all she could possibly dispose of on various occasions, she would have turned her blood into gold if she could, thus faced death many a time. Above all, she had very much at heart the reunification of the Greek and the Latin Church.

Fifth Mystical Experience: Personal Prayer from Exodus 25:40, Hebrew 8:5, Acts 7:44

During the Holy Week while reading in a small meditation book the verse “Look and follow according to the example”, she experienced an inner stirring, so strong that it remained with her for several days. She felt urged to follow the Crucified Christ but without understanding anything in particular. Six or seven months before going to Venice to start the Foundation, in prayer she had a similar experience. It was an intellectual enlightenment and it was neither as intense nor as deep as before. She believed that it was that she took virtues of Christ Crucified for inspiration to write the Rules of the Daughters of Charity, that is, of the Institute.


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