Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Apostolic Objective: To Become Ministers of Charity and Servants of the Poor

A gift that makes the Canossians free and pushes them to translate in adequate works the love contemplated in the Crucified Christ. The Canossians are called to evangelize the poor through the ministries of Charity.

Ministries of Charity

The Daily Oratorio
· The work in which, traditionally, the apostolic activity of the Institute is best identified.
· It expresses the efficacious and humble service of the Christian community for the benefit of the youth in particular, through Catechesis, Christian Education and Spiritual Exercises.
· It allows the Canossians to manifest the main characteristic of their spirit which is a heartfelt friendship, a simplicity in dealing with and a constant presence to others.

Works of Assistance
· The Canossians have in their works of assistance the possibility of a continuous formative action, through a ministry of assiduous charity, at times tiring, in favor of the youths who are poor and abandoned.

· An area where it can express the Canossian apostolic charism done in response to the needs of the Church while keeping in mind the concern of the Foundress.
· In Parish Ministry, the Canossians are to remain faithful to their spirit of humble hidden-ness and always paying special attention to the poor and the youths.

Foreign Missions
· The universal character of their vocation is well manifested in their call to live out the same charism in every country, even in those of the missions, through works required by indigenous poverty.

Founded on the love that knows no boundaries, the APOSTOLIC CHARITY of the Institute can be expressed even in other forms which actualize the service entrusted to them by the Lord Jesus of giving witness to his love and for the poor.


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